Chili Lime Margarita Sea Salt


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This is a delicious Chili salt with a Lime twist; it’s used across Asia on fresh Mango and Pineapples and gives your taste buds a special treat.

Taste the Lime, saltiness and chili heat all in one go, it’s a typical dish of the region and is truly magical when used on fresh Pineapple or Mangos. Once you’ve tried it you’ll want more.

The Citrus Lime Chili Salt is also great on many savory foods from Chicken and Pork to Seafood as well as the fresh fruit.

With the BBQ season just around the corner this salt will make your BBQ, or use it as a starter, at a party, or on the beach.

Weight 9.65 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 10.5 × 4 cm