Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does EVOO stand for?
A: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Q: What is the difference between EVOO, Olive Oil, light oil etc.?
A: EVOO is the purest and best Olive Oil you can get. It is the first press, cold press etc. (these terms mean the same thing. They are mostly used as marketing terms)  of the olive. They take the olive, crush it, and whatever oil comes out is considered Extra Virgin. After that other companies will take the olive and heat it up to an extreme heat to extract more oil from the olive. This is not considered Extra Virgin because by heating it up they have caused the phenols and antioxidants in the oil to break down, causing it to lose its health benefits and and go rancid quicker.

Q: Where should I store my EVOO?
A: In a cool dark place, away from your stove. Keep away from direct sunlight & heat.

Q: Can I refrigerate my EVOO?
A: No, refrigerating your EVOO will cause it to coagulate, making it a solid. The process of it warming up to a liquid to be used and then cooling again over and over again will cause you EVOO to go rancid quicker.

Q: How long does EVOO last?
A: Once you have it home and you start to use it we recommend using it up between 4 – 6 months.

Q: How long does Balsamic Vinegar last?
A: Our Balsamic vinegars are all aged. Our oldest being our Traditional which has been aged a minimum of 18 years, while our flavored ones have been aged a minimum of 8 years.  A few extra months in your cabinet won’t hurt them at all.

Q: Can I cook with EVOO?
A: Absolutely! We encourage it! Our EVOO has a smoke point of 400 degrees! You can bake, grill, and sauté with our EVOO.

Q: Which of your Oils is the “healthiest”?
A: All our EVOO are very healthy for you, because they are the real thing. When tasting our EVOO you can taste some pepperiness in the back of your throat. Those are the phenols and antioxidants in the oils. Those are very important because those can help you in so many ways. They can help control and maintain your blood pressure & cholesterol. However the oil that is going to have the most of those and therefore be the most effect will be our most Robust EVOO.

Q: I’m looking for the Picual EVOO, but I see you don’t have it, did you discontinue it?
A: Nope. All our Plain EVOO are named after the Olive that the grower used to crush and make the olive oil. All our Plains EVOOs are based off of a harvest, and they tend to switch out every three- six months to make sure you are continuously getting the most fresh EVOO. Like wine, they harvest it of that type of olive from a specific country for that year. Sometimes we bring in the same type of olive that was used, but the intensity of the olive may be different and it could have a totally different tasting notes. It’s important to remember the kind of intensity you like when shopping for EVOOs. Some Plain EVOO we’ve had in the past are Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Arbosona, Curtain, and Cobrancosa.

Q: Should I bring you back the empty bottles?
A: Definitely! For every bottle you bring us, you will receive one dollar off your bottle purchase. We then take those bottles and put them through a thorough washing and sanitation process before being able to reuse them!

Q:Do you offer curbside pick up?
A: Yes we do! At checkout online just select Curbside Pickup Westfield and we will have it ready for you to just pull up and hand it over. You can also call us at the store and place your order over the phone.

Q:Do you offer Home Delivery?
A: Yes, anywhere within five miles of our Westfield store. Just selected home delivery at checkout!

Q: Do you do corporate gifts?
A: Yes, just last Christmas alone we had over 20 corporate orders that we handled seamlessly. We take care of the gift packing, shipping and even can do personalized gift messages to go along with each gift! Just come in to the store to discuss or call us at 908.232.3866 for more information.

Q: Do you do wedding favors?
A: Yes! We have been so blessed to be able to be a part of almost a hundred weddings since we opened in 2013. We have also done our favors for Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Baptisms, Anniversary Parties and so much more. We have all the information on our website which you can find here, https://patriciaandpaul.com/product/oil-and-balsamic-wedding-favor/  and as always you can call us at the store or come in person to place your order. Our favors are 100% customizable! No wedding is too big or too small!

Q: What is the difference between Infused EVOO & Fused EVOO.
A: Infused EVOO is when they have already crushed the olive to make the Olive Oil and then afterwards add in the garlic, basil etc to have those flavors infused together. Fused EVOO is when they crush the olive at the same time and they crush for example an orange or lemon so those flavors fuse together during this process.

Q: What is the difference between Dark Balsamic & White Balsamic?
A: Both types of Balsamics start out with a white grape. The difference between these two is that the dark balsamic are cooked more aggressively and are aged in charred barrels, giving it the darker color and being more syrup-like. Our White Balsamics are not cooked as long or aged in charred barrels leaving it more liquid like and more clear.

Q: Where does true Balsamic Vinegar have to be made?
A: Modena Italy.

Q: What is the difference between mild, medium and robust intensity of EVOO?
A: The terms Mild, Medium, & Robust correlate with the amount of phenols and antioxidants that can be found in the EVOO. Mild’s will have the least amounts of these, resulting in having only a small amount of that pepperiness in the back of your throat. Mediums will have a touch more and our robust will have the most, having a lot of the pepperiness.