Sweet berries and Yogurt

What you will need:

1 pints strawberries

2 pints raspberries

2 pints blackberries

1 large container of full fat Greek yogurt

1 TBS lemon zest

1 TBS orange zest

Patricia & Paul Balsamic Pearls 

3 TBS Patricia & Paul Strawberry Balsamic 

3 TBS Patricia & Paul Tangerine Balsamic

1/2 C pistachios toasted and chopped

Fresh mint for garnish

In a large bowl combine the berries with Patricia & Paul Tangerine Balsamic, Patricia & Paul Strawberry Balsamic, lemon, and orange zest. Let the berries sit for 30 min stirring occasionally allowing the balsamic to soak into the berries. This can be done the night before. In shot glasses fill halfway with Greek yogurt. Top the yogurt with marinated berries, balsamic pearls, fresh mint, and pistachios. Enjoy!

Recipe by Chef Sophia made at our “Its Greek to us” Event!